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All About Our Steamer Combos

We can steam any shellfish that is in the market, the most popular being the shrimp steamer combo. To order a steamer combo, call ahead or place the order in store (we also do doordash!). We can steam any amount of seafood you need. You can individually choose the add ons (featured below). A steamer combo can be made for 1 person or as many as your party needs! Call aheads are needed and encouraged for large orders. We also have a variety of spices ranging from mild to hot (old bay, garlic salt, slap ya mama, swamp fire).

ADD ONS:  Corn, diced red potatoes, sausage, broccoli, green beans, onions and brussel sprouts... $5.50 for any 3 sides or 2.25 a side.

beans, onions, b.jpg
brocolli, corn, shrimp.jpg

Corn, sausage, potatoes, medium shrimp.

Brocolli, onion, green beans, medium shrimp

Corn, brocolli, p&d shrimp

snow crab.jpg

Snow crab, p&d shrimp, corn, sausage, potatoes

Homemade Products

We will be offering freshly prepared food daily. 




Meal Enhancements
  • Corn salad

  • Smoked tuna dip

  • Shrimp dip

  • Smoked salmon dip

  • Buffalo crab dip

  • Black bean salsa

  • Remoulade

  • Cocktail- regular and hot

  • Tartar sauce

  • Twice baked potatoes

  • Shrimp wontons

  • Gumbo

  • Shrimp and corn chowder

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